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How to overcome

Intense Competition:

Vietnam’s fintech market is already saturated with established players like Mcredit, JACCS, Mirae Asset. These giants hold a significant market share and have developed strong brand loyalty. MoneyTap will need to offer unique value propositions and aggressive marketing campaigns to compete effectively.

Regulatory Landscape:

Vietnam’s regulatory environment for financial services remains complex and evolving. MoneyTap will need to invest heavily in compliance and legal expertise to navigate the regulatory hurdles.

The government’s tight control over the financial sector may limit the scope of MoneyTap’s offerings and impose restrictions on its business model.

Consumer Behavior


Vietnam’s financial services market is still relatively young. A large segment of the population remains unbanked or underbanked, with limited trust in formal financial institutions. MoneyTap will need to educate and build trust with potential customers to overcome their apprehension towards digital financial services.

What we do

Creating a unique visual system and strategy.

Customers download an app on their smartphone, register themselves, provides answers to few questions in a chatflow and are then evaluated for credit worthiness. On being assessed as credit worthy, customers can then proceed to do KYC and application form acceptance before a final line of credit is approved.

Once a line of credit is approved, customer may wish to use the available limit to withdraw amounts at available interest rates and tenures as convenient.

Customer also gets intimations about repayments due and the repayments done are available for perusal on the app after reconciliation.

Main Case study

Impressive to approach
new customer better.

Onboarding Screen:

  1. No demand. (15%)
  2. Customers don’t remember MoneyTap. Some deleted our app. (5%)

Face Regconition: Adding Notification text before selfie and visualize how to selfie true.

AIP Step: Don’t know that they have to finish KYC (35%)
(After receiving aip success and pressing “interested” button, customers are not aware of “pending steps”)

On-holding Screen to notify customer waiting within 7-10days, avoid to be customer ‘s confusing

Built a new UI/UX

Stylish visual support
on any devices.

Let your design a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help digital and fin-tech companies. But structure were from the funny the century rather.

So many isues from data system, technical supporting to differ the cultural tradition in vietnam, we still try to re-build and deployment to focus user-centric also become leader in Credit Line App in fintech Vietnam.

Website & Mobile App Design
Case Study
were solved