Ri’ YanCha Milk Tea


We were asked to create an Identity for "Ri'YanCha HongKong Milk and coffee", with the aim of reinventing the classic Milk and Coffee Shop. This new concept brings together the Authentic Bubble Tea from HongKong with genuine Street Food from a variety of different cultures. The Paper Cup is the chosen from the owner to represent this idea, transformed by us in a symbol of strenght and simplicity in a logo.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Creative Direction

  • Client

    RI' YAN CHA Bubble Tea

What we do

Creating a unique visual space and production.

Meeting deadline and also how to manage low budget, we still make ideation and build element as soon as possible. Rainy season that is main reason for production and testing before. Conclusion, time management and forcasting risk case that should to take noted for the next project.